Why Pay for Listing When It's Free?


Featured listings fund web traffic to categories of www.southafrican.za.net where they are "featured" or "recommended". Statistics show that a site recommendation links are far more likely to convert to an active sales than "forced to view" internet advertising / banners.

By paying for your directory listing you guarantee that you will receive an ongoing PPC campaign optimized by professional online marketers, directly to your featured listings category.

With a minimum delivery of R150.00 of optimized click traffic per category per month (only applies to categories with featured listings). Your site is bound to receive convertible visits.

The advantage of multiple featured listings in your category is that the quantity of traffic effectively doubles and tripples as advertisers enter the directory (limited to 3 featured listings per category).

Although you may be in competition with another featured listing in your category you will effectively be seeing two or three times the traffic volume. However if a featured site in your category that is not a company in your direct competition, you will receive their additional paid traffic free, and vice versa.

The entire directory benefits from the organic search results generated by content submitted by free listings and vice versa free listings benefit by receiving the low end paid traffic from featured listings, on the whole everyone benefits simply by being South African.

Advertising Options for Featured Listings

Under your SubCategory - Your listing will appear at the top of the category, above normal listings, with any other featured listing in that category. If you are not featured, you appear BELOW the featured listings.

Per category we allow 3 featured listings.

  • R750.00 for 3 months
  • R1000.00 for 6 months
  • R1500.00 for 12 months

In the featured listings of your category will recieve no less than R150.00 of per month in focused pay per click traffic. On average the top 3 listings will be recieving aproximately 80% of this visit traffic, coupled with the traffic from organic search and other category surfers.