Northern Sotho in South Africa


Sepedi is also known as Northern Sotho or Sesotho sa Leboa

History of Northern Sotho

The language Northern Sotho is mostly spoken Northern Province of South Africa. This language is often (as in the Constitution of South Africa) wrongly referred to as "Sepedi", while in actual fact the Sepedi is considered but a dialect of the the language "Northern Sotho". It is a member of the Sotho language group. Different dialect clusters are found in the Northern Sotho speaking area.

CLASSIFICATION of Northern Sotho:

Family: Bantu (or rather Ntu) Language Family Group: South Eastern Bantu (or rather Ntu) Subgroup: Sotho

VARIETIES of Northern Sotho:

South Central (Kopa, Ndebele Sotho), Central (Pedi, Tau, Kone), North Western (Tlokwa, Hananwa, Matlala, Moletši, Mamabolo), North Eastern (Lobedu, Phalaborwa, Kgaga, Dzwabo) Eastern (Pai), and East Central (Pulana, Kutswe)

Speakers of Northern Sotho

Around 3 695 846 people in South Africa use it as their home language.