Inclusion Guidelines


Why is a free South African listing is beneficial to your business? advertises on behalf of each subject category using targeted 'Pay Per Click' programs, organic search engine rankings and targeted banner and online media campaigns. Traffic to each category is targeted at South Africans and/or people looking for South African based business services from abroad. Revenue generated from "top" listings is funneled back into the overall promotion of the directory and all individual listings and partnerships.

Unlike other directories, your category and listing will continually receive a stream of focused free traffic. We will never charge for the free listing service or send you any emails that you do not specifically request.
This service is a free community based marketing project and relies on you to spread the word, only if you think the service is beneficial to you. This is best done by linking to from your website. See here

The form should take less than 5 minutes to fill in, once listed we will do the rest. If you dont know how to upload a logo, dont worry an editor will take a look at your website and upload the most appropriate image. Please contact us if you would like your listing changed or register with the system and claim your listing to make your own edits (requires email varification, for security reasons only.).

Guidelines To Inclusion

We care about the quality and relevance of our directory and wish to keep it as useful as possible for our users. Therefore we are selective about what sites are included, so please don't take it personally if your submission is not accepted.

In order to help us review you submission we have set up the following procedure & policies for submissions. Please read these before submitting your site as a failure to follow these rules & instructions will generally result in a submission being declined.

Have You Registered?

To assist in the smooth running of our directory, and to enable you to manage your own listing(s), only registered users can add to our directory. Registration is simple (and free), just follow the "Register" link on the User Login form on the left of the page.

Is Your Site Appropriate?

As ordinary listings in are free, provided your company is South African based company that has a direct interest in South African business or is justifiably attracting business to South Africa.

We will consider for inclusion sites that are about

  • South Africans
  • South African Business
  • Are related to South Africa

You may upload an Image Size and Format: JPEG or PNG and 88x31 pixels

We will NOT consider sites that:

  • Are "Under Construction", please wait until your site is finished before submitting it
  • Are Mirror Sites, i.e. multiple Url's but with the same content
  • Redirect the user to a different web site consist mainly of affiliate links
  • Have illegal content, are engaged in or promote illegal activity
  • Are already in the directory with a different Url, for example don't submit "" if "" is already listed