Frequently Asked Questions


Hey, why do you have a listing of my business in your directory?

We receive directory submissions from South Africans that think your business services should be mentioned on this directory. As this is a free directory service we assume that a listing would be beneficial to you. If however you do not share this view, please use our contact form and we will gladly remove your listing. Due to security reasons you will need to send an email from your websites contact address.

Who owns this service?

South African is not owned by anyone. It is a community site built and maintained by volunteers. The & name space is managed by ZA NIC who provides free access to sub-domains like this one southafrican under the terms of their policy.

“It is important to be aware that a registrant does not own a Domain Name. Rather, the Domain Name is registered to the registrant until such time as the registrant exercises the right to cancel the registration or the name is revoked under ZA NIC?s rules”

Can I Upload My Website to

Certainly see the “Add Your Site” link at the top of each page for more information. South African oriented sites get preference in this directory.

I’m trying to upload a listing, however I can’t find an appropriate category.

If you cannot find a listing that suits your website category and you feel that a (new category not in the directory) will be beneficial to people looking for your website, submit your site to the closest matching category and send us a motivation for the new category and we will post it and move your listing.

If categories become too large we will begin sub categorizing and regionalizing listings.

Can I become an editor?

Certainly, however there are a few criteria that decide whether or not you would be suited for this directory.

Send us a motivational paragraph and list a few points that would spark our interest as directory editors.

So if this is a free service why all the adverts

Unfortunately nothings free, hosting, time & effort all bring about costs. We hate ads too but they fund the directories concepts and ensure that a level of non-spam quality is maintained and a steady flow of quality traffic to our directory listings.

Hey where’s my business email address? has opted to not display listing owners email addresses; this is a countermeasure against unsolicited email address harvesters. Instead we offer a completely transparent contact form that will email you directly. In the event that you are receiving spam emails from this directory, please inform us and will look into it immediately.